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Games and Miniatures For Sale

N = New, SW = Shrink Wrapped, MISB = Mint in Sealed box or bag, NM - Near Mint/Like New VG = Very Good, G = Good, F = Fair 

D&D 3.0 & 3.5 
Lords of Madness, some cover and corner wear. contents EX
Libris Mortis, heavy corner wear, contents EX
Heroes of Battle
Weapons of Legacy
Expanded Psionics
Legend and Lairs, Traps and Treachery I
Legend and Lairs, Traps and Treachery II
Stronghold Builders Guidebook
The Forge of Fury (3rd LV)  Some pen marks inside, otherwise nice
The Standing Stone (7th LV)
Lord of the Iron Fortress (15th LV)
Bastion of Broken Souls (18th LV)
Forgotten Realms
Manual of the Planes
Players Handbook 3.0
Monster Manual 3.0
Dungeon Masters Guide 3.0
(These are mostly for trade)

d20 Munchkin Masters GUide, Monster Manual, and Players Handbook

AD&D/D&D Just In:
SJS1 Goblins Return, Spelljammer VG $8.00
World of Greyhawk Gazetteer 1980, black and white, and Greyhawk map, some wear, crease tears  VG $12.00
Guide to Greyhawk and Glossography Books 1983 EX $10.00
AD&D Dragonlance DL2 Dragons of Flame EX, slight wear $5.00
AD&D Dragonlance DL3 Dragons of Hope VG, some wear, with MAP $6.00
DL3 Dragons of Hope, MAP only $3.00
AD&D Dragonlance DL4 Dragons of Desolation VG, some wear, with MAP $6.00
AD&D Dragonlance DL5 Dragons of Mystery GD, some more wear $5.00
AD&D Dragonlance DL6 Dragons of Ice VG, some wear $5.00
2 x AD&D Dragonlance DL7 Dragons of Light EX, slight wear $5.00 each
2 x AD&D Dragonlance DL8 Dragons of War VG, map slightly worn $6.00 each
AD&D Dragonlance DL9 Dragons of Deceit G, some wear, with counters $7.00
AD&D Dragonlance DL10 Dragons of Dreams EX, slight wear $6.00
RR3 Van Richtofens Guide to Vampires VG, some wear, $7.00
Monster and Treasure Assortment 1978 EX-NM $12.00
Dungeon Magazine #13 Vol3 #1 Oct 1988 VG slight wear $2.00
AD&D First Quest BOXED set, some box wear, contents like new, with CD, figures and dice. $30.00
D1-2 Descent to the Depths of the Earth, EX except for tape on edge, slight wear $8.00
9123 Waterdeep and the North, with city map of Waterdeep EX $10.00
EX1 Dungeonland EX, slight wear  $6.00
Dragonlance, Time of the Dragon, BOXED set, may be missing illustration cards, seems to have all maps and an extra large map, box has split corners $20.00
Forgotten Realms, Ruins of Zhentil Keep, BOXED set, missing Monstrous Compendium sheets, slight box and book wear, but fairly nice. $15.00
Forgotten Realms, Netheril: Empire of Magic, BOXED set, slight box wear, contents look new, complete $30.00
Dragon Mountain BOXED set, Looks complete but may be missing a stand or two for the cardboard cutouts.  Box slight wear, contents VG $25.00

D&D Companion Boxed Set, 2 books EX, slight box wear $10.00
CM1 Test of the Warlords EX $6.00
CM1 Test of the Warlords VG, cover slight wear, contents EX $5.00
CM3 Sabre River, cover wear, contents EX 8.00
C3 Lost Isle of Castanamir, cover wear, slightly split spine, contents VG-EX $10.00
C5 Bane of Llywellyn, VG slight wear, interior VG-EX $
A4 In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords, cover good, some wear, interior VG but slight staple rust $5.00
FR7 Hall of Heroes VG-EX cover wear, slight corner wear $8.00
I1 Dwellers in the forbidden city, some cover wear, interior has a couple of slight stains $5.00
WG11 Puppets cover and book EX $6.00
G123 Against the Giants, some cover wear, interior VG-EX $11.00
X2 Castle Amber, cut on spine that goes through to book, otherise VG condition $4.00
UK4 When a Star Falls, cover good, book some water warping/staining $10.00
X3 Curse of Xanathon some sover wear, front of book loose, back page missing, but doesn't have any of the main module information $4.00
X9 The Savage Coast, slight cover wear, contents EX $12.00
X12 Skarda's Mirror VG-EX cover, pages 21-24 loose and missing one of the bunch of premade characters $20.00
XL-1 Quest for the Heartstone, cover good, missing 4 pages of illustrations from the center $15.00
WGR1 Greyhawk Ruins NM $35.00
WGR2 Treasures of Greyhawk NM $20.00
WGR3 Rary the Traitor EX, very slight cover wear $15.00
WGR6 City of Skulls, cover VG slight creasing, contents EX $20.00
WG4 The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, cover fairly worn, spine 1/3 split, book VG+ $7.00
WG8 The Fate of Istus, EX-NM $12.00
WGA1 Falcon's Revenge, NO pop-up part, VG cover, book EX $4.00
WGA2 Falconmaster, NO pop-up part, VG cover, book EX $4.00
Shady Dragon Inn book VG $5.00
Lands of Uz Map, some creasing $5.00
From the Ashes Map, some splitting on creases $5.00

AD&D DSR1 Dark Sun, Slave Tribes EX-NM $15.00
AD&D 9326 Drow of the Underdark, G except for some warping from water damage on the top of each page about 1" deep and 4" wide, nicer condition than it sounds $7.00
AD&D Rod of Seven Parts, book The War Against Chaos, cover EX with a couple of tiny dents, book EX with small stain on cover of booklet $3.50
plastic overlay, clear with hexes, for some Ravenloft module $1.00

2nd Edition:
Monstrous Manual, worn off corner, some tape residue, contents OK $8.00

AD&D Forgotten Realms, Kara Tur the Eastern Realms boxed set, complete, contents like new $35.00
D&D Hollow World HWA3 NightStorm NM like new $10.00
AD&D Tales of the Comet boxed set, Box VG, some wear, Contents EX and complete $12.00
AD&D 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual EX-NM nice $15.00
AD&D Eye of Pain, EX, slight wear, book EX with small stain on cover booklet $4.00
AD&D 9580 Greyhawk, Crypt of Lyzander the Mad, small stain on booklet cover, otherwise EX-NM $11.00
AD&D 9581 Greyhawk, The Doomgrinder, small stain on booklet cover, otherwise EX-NM $6.00
AD&D 9576 Greyhawk, Return of the Eight, Roger Moore, cover VG some edge wear and slight creases, a couple of tiny dents, book VG but has tiny stains on about half the pages $7.00
AD&D WG9 Gargoyle, EX, slight cover wear $6.00
AD&D WGQ1 Patriots of Ulek, cover VG-EX, book EX, tiny stain on cover of booklet $11.00
AD&D HHQ1 Fighter's Challenge, cover G some edge and cover wear, stain on some pages and rear cover $5.00
AD&D HHQ3 Thief's Challenge, moderate edge and cover wear, some warping of booklet $???
AD&D GA2 Swamplight, cover VG slight edge and cover wear, contents VG $6.00
AD&D RQ3 From the Shadows EX slight edge wear $6.00
AD&D LNQ1 Slayers of Lankhmar NM $6.00
AD&D LNR2 Tales of Lankhmar EX light edge wear $5.00
AD&D CA2 Lankhmar Swords of Deceit EX slight cover wear, with map $10.00
AD&D DLS4 Wild Elves EX, with slight edge wear, with map $5.00

1st Edition:
D&D X1 Isle of Dread G somewhat worn, with lots of pen indents on the cover $3.00
D&D B4 The Lost City, cover EX-NM, contents NM $10.00
D&D B10 Night's Dark Terror, some bent page corners in book, crease on cover.  Otherwise VG condition with unpunced counters and nice map $30.00
D&D CM4 Earthshaker, cover EX, contents EX, except edge slightly dirty $10.00

From PolyHedron Magazine:
AD&D No. # Needle, old version with 3 black and white booklets, EX $12.00

AD&D Unearthed Arcana EX cover is nice with slight wear. Interior has had a couple of the pages that were falling out taped back in (with masking tape, neatly done) but otherwise the interior is like new. $14.00
AD&D OP1 Tales of the Outer Planes, cover slight wear, contents EX-NM $15.00
AD&D FR4 The Magister, EX but a bit curled $6.00
AD&D UK1 Beyond the Crystal Cave $7.00
AD&D REF3 Book of Lairs, cover moderate wear, book VG-EX $8.00
AD&D 9040 A2 Secret of the Slavers Stockade, VG, some cover and edge wear, slight split on spine, book EX except for two address stamps $5.00
AD&D 9041 A3 Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords, VG, some cover and edge wear, book EX except for tiny water stains on upper right of front $5.00
AD&D 9042 A4 In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords, VG, some edge and cover wear, book EX $5.00
AD&D OA3 Ochimo: Spirit Warrior, VG, some edge and cover wear $5.00
AD&D WG5 Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure, cover and spine wear, small stain on top of booklet, slight curling on some pages $10.00
AD&D WG7 Castle Greyhawk, EX-NM very nice, but might have a tiny bit of wear $27.00
AD&D EX2 The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror G, some edge and cover wear, slight spine split $5.00
AD&D 9075 I6 Ravenloft GD, some wear and slight spine splits, missing outer cover, book somewhat worn and stained, but good $6.00
AD&D 9075 I6 Ravenloft EX, some edge and cover wear, book EX though has a name on the front in pen $9.00
AD&D Greyhawk Folk, Feuds and Factions, EX slight corner wear $5.00
AD&D WC10 Child's Play EX slight edge and cover wear $10.00
AD&D AC6 PC Record Sheets VG, 1 sheet loose and some edge and cover wear $7.00
AD&D S1 Tomb of Horrors, cover VG-EX, slight edge wear, contents EX-NM $12.00
AD&D S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, cover EX-NM, contents NM $12.00
AD&D S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojacanth, cover EX, slight wear, contents EX-NM $8.00

Dragon #131 EX $1.50
Dragon #142 EX $1.50
Best of the Dragon Vol. V, slight spine and cover wear, some water staining on bottom of some pages $4.00

AD&D WGR2 Treasures of Greyhawk, some cover wear, large fold/crease that is starting to split, spine wear, mildew stains on the first 25 or so pages of the book, nicer than it may sound $8.00

Battletech: Main Boxed set, missing 2 stands, but otherwise complete and close to new, most counters and standups unpunched.  $15.00
Battletech: House Liao G wear on edges of cover and spine, gloss fairly good. Interior VG, though it has one internal split where the pages are starting to come loose from the spine. Could be reglued. $30.00
Battletech Map #2 Mountain Lake (and a few Aerotech record sheers) $1.50
Battletech: Citytech box, maps, counters and dice in excellent condition $6.00
1986 FASA Catalogue $? Make Offer
($45.00 for the above Battletech lot)

TSR: Indiana Jones RPG, Box beat up but good, contents Ex-NM, standups/counters uncut and like new, missing GM screen $10.00

TSR Top Secret SI: 
Boxed Set EX box pushed in a bit, contents EX missing dice, but includes a Dungeon Magazine Top Secret Module as a replacement $8.00
Boxed Set G box with some wear, content EX but missing GM book, dice, Settings book, and 2 of 3 dossier sheets. This would be a set to use for parts $3.00
High Stakes Gamble boxed set, box has some edge wear.  Contents look complete and are NM $8.00
Module TSE3 Web Wars NM $7.00
Module TSA2 The Final Weapon NM $7.00
(Would sell all Top Secret material for $25.00)

Hercules and Xena role playing game RPG West End Games, complete, box somewhat worn, contents close to new, with EXTRA Heroes book (players book) which is an $18.00 value  $30.00 for the lot.

Milton Bradley Battle Ball, complete, NM, some box wear, minis still in plastic $15.00
Milton Bradley Star Wars, Clone Wars RISK, boxed taped $15
Milton Bradley Lord of the Rings Monopoly, box is squished, content EX-NM, missing 3 small castles and 4 large forts, has 7 figures not 6, has extra halfing with bow $15.00
Milton Bradley Lord of the Rings Monopoly figures 5 pewter Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Galadriel $7.00
Milton Bradley CLUE, Dungeons and Dragons version, close to new $20.00
Milton Bradley Aggravation, split box corner, but complete $10.00
Milton Bradley Tank Battle vintage parts: 8 Tanks, 2 Ammo Dumps, 2 HQ, 2 Fuel Depots, and several cannons for and old Milton Bradley tank game $5.00
Milton Bradley Sharp Shooters, dice game, box G price tag tear, contents EX, 12 red and 20 white dice, no instr. $12.00
Milton Bradley Sharp Shooters, dice game, contents EX, complete $18.00
Milton Bradley Sharp Shooters, dice game, contents NEW, except for felt, box wear $18.00
Milton Bradley Sharp Shooters, dice game, contents EX, complete $18.00
Milton Bradley Sharp Shooters, dice game, contents EX, complete $18.00
Milton Bradley Last Chance, dice game, contents EX, dice replaced with black dice, might be missing one or two disks out of over 100 $12.00
Milton Bradley Electronic Battleship (doesn't seem to work at the moment, but could be fixed) May be missing a couple of pieces. $2.00 (or I might give it to you with another order if you pay shipping.)
Star Wars game parts, 7 naboo figthers and droid ships and lots of pegs small red and yellow pegs $4.00
Bag of Monopoly Parts $6.00

FASA 1987/88 catalog EX-NM $4.00

Mattel Electronic Dungeons & Dragons game, missing dragon mini, instr., and 7 walls.  Game does work.  from around 1980, black.  $20.00
SPI Introduction to Wargaming Pamphlet 1977 EX $4.00
US Subs in Action book 1979 Squadron Publications NM $5.00
Kriegsmarine, Simulations Canada, 1980 Unpunched/NM with Panzerschiffe's TG-3 and SG-2 books with sheets  $90.00
Iron Bottom Sound, Quarterdeck Games, box EX, contents NM/Unpunched $50.00
Flat Top, Battleline Publications, 1977, NO rules, otherwise EX-NM with counters Unpunched $30.00
FASA Top Gun, box somewhat worn, rust on staples of instr., most of the fighters on sprues, missing 3 of the 40, otherwise reasonably nice  $10.00
West End Games, Eastern Front Tank Leader, box pushed in, contents EX-NM, somewhat musty smell $15.00
Abalone game, sort of like Othello in hex shape, used, box somewhat worn, contents EX-NM $15.00
Kuba game, another marble game like Abalone, used, but contents EX-NM $15.00
221 B Baker Street, Hansen 1987 new in shrink, may still have some box corner wear $30.00
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets trivia game, contents look new, box slight wear $15.00
El Dorado: game, missing drawstring bag and $1000.00 bills pad $10.00
Mancala: solid wooden board with glass gem thingies, new in shrink $15.00
Songburst: 70's-80's version, looks complete and contents EX, box is a bit dirty, but structurally fine $18.00
2 xSongburst: 70's-80's version, looks complete and contents EX-NM, box is a bit worn $19.00 each
Jurassic Park III game, Hasbro, complete, close to new $12.00
The Farming Game, contents like new $20.00
The Farming Game, contents EX $19.00
The Farming Game, EX, but missing one of the 5 acres fruit $18.00
The Farming Game, rulebook, extra parts $8.00
Dallas Cowboys Checkers (little helmets for pieces) MISB $10.00
1 Sequence, Jax Ltd. New in shrink $18.00
1 Sequence, Jax Ltd. box slight wear, contents new, sealed in baggies $15.00
3 Sequence, Jax Ltd. EX-NM complete $13.00 each
1 Sequence, Jax Ltd. in fairly nice shape $10.00
1 Sequence, Jax Ltd. box a bit squished, looks complete contents EX-NM $11.00
1 Musketter boxed game, Task Force Games, contents NM, mostly unpunched, box slight wear $13.00
Dune, Parker Brothers, complete except for 3 or so of the cardboard inserts for the character disks (has three extra dice), contents good, box some wear $11.00
Terrace game, strategy game, featured on Star Trek TNG $12.00
Nascar Champions game NM contents like new but missing poster $15.00
Star Trek III 3 solitaire games from West End Games box G, some wear and texture roughness.  Content close to complete (it is hard to tell if every counter is there, but looks like almost all are) and EX-NM $12.00

Victory Games, Cold War, EX-NM contents and box nice, might be missing one counter $12.00

3M, Foil bookshelf game, looks complete in NM condition, close to new $15.00
3M, Jumpin bookshelf game, looks complete and NM, may have never been played $15.00
3M, Twixt bookshelf game, looks complete and in NM condition, close to new $15.00

GDW: Twilight 2000 boxed game, 1st edition in think, looks complete, contents EX, box VG $12.00

Yaquinto: Pickett's Charge, 1980 Box NM, contents unpunched/NM may be missing die $40.00
Yaquinto: Ironclads 1979, box EX, contents Unpunched/NM, Also has Ironclads expansion rulebook, not sure about the parts $60.00
Yaquinto: Midway, box EX, contents NM/Unpunched, MISSING rule book $35.00

Objective Tunis map and counters from Strategy and Tactics #140 unused, unpunched, but no instr.  $4.00

Avalon Hill:
Avalon Hill Source of the Nile, only 4 counters punched, some writing on first sheet of pad. Contents close to new, box slightly faded. $40.00
Avalon Hill Third Reich 2nd Edition, Unpunched, slight box creasing $20.00
Avalon Hill Blitzkrieg, some box wear $15.00
Avalon Hill D-Day, 1977, somewhat worn, some counters have writing on back, board may be separated, missing one counter $10.00
Avalon Hill Naponleon' Battles 1984 miniatures rules, but does have counters.  No dice but rest NM, box EX $40.00
Avalon Hill Republic of Rome 1990, box EX, contents look complete and like new, 2 of 3 card decks still sealed $140.00
Avalon Hill Flat Top 1981 box EX-NM, contents NM/unpunched slight stain on rulebook $40.00
Avalon Hill Wooden Ship and Iron Men 1975 box has some wear and a crease, contents EX, but punched so not completely sure of completeness $40.00
Avalon Hill Gettysbury 1977 box EX, contents NM/unpunched $45.00
Avalon Hill Guadalcanal 1966 2nd print box VG-EX, contents EX but punched, complete?  $40.00
Avalon Hill 1914, 1968 some box wear, contents EX, but punched so not sure if complete $50.00
Avalon Hill Jutland, 1967 (2 boxes and rulebooks, looks like one from 1st and 2nd printings) rest of the parts EX though some are punched so completeness is unknown $40.00
Avalon Hill Tobruk limited edition July 1975 Partial has everything but the counters in nice condition, box is nice too with slight stains $25.00
Avalon Hill Arab Israeli Wars, box wear, corner split, contents EX, 1/2 punched may be missing one blue counter, musty smell $15.00
Avalon Hill Flight Leader, box is somewhat worn and has upper right pushed in a bit, contents are close to new, complete, though some counters are falling out of the tree $20.00
Avalon Hill King Maker, box VG, parts excellent and 1/2-2/3 of the counters unpunched.  Missing only 1 of the many green plant counters.  Some wear on book and cards, but most EX.  $25.00
Avalon Hill Yellowstone, complete, contents NM, most of the counters unpunched. $13.00
Avalon Hill Yellowstone, complete, contents EX-NM, the counter are punched and 1 of the filler counters is missing (white with blue edge), but this is not actually a game piece $12.00
Avalon Hill Battle of the Bulge, Complete, contents like new and some counters unpunched, small split on the back fold of one of the boards, the playing surface looks close to new.  Box has some wear, tape and a bit of price tag residue.  1965 $20.00
Avalon Hill Origins of WWII, EX looks complete $15.00
Avalon Hill Alpha Omega, Box F, contents EX. Appears to have everything, though it hard to tell without knowing how many counters there should be. There are a lot there though. One of the two boards is in two sections, but it is hard to tell it was even supposed to be one board. It looks like two narrower boards.  Basically the two were held together only by paper, which was neatly cut.  $8.00
Avalon Hill Stocks and Bonds, Box has some wear, Contents Mint probably unused, stocks still in pads, no sponge $10.00
Avalon Hill Stocks and Bonds, Box EX though one side of iterior box is split, contents EX, record pad used up, tiny stains on stock board, no sponge $7.00
Avalon Hill Outdoor Survival, complete, most unpunched EX-NM $15.00
Avalon Hill Outdoor Survival, missing 2 blue counters, contents EX $11.00
Avalon Hill 2 x Luftwaffe, complete, box a bit worn, contents EX-NM $12.00 each
Avalon Hill Bureaucracy, box VG, contents new, counters unpunched $12.00
Avalon Hill 1982 catalogue EX $5.00
Avalon Hill Basketball Strategy 1974, Sports Illustrated Game, looks complete, in EX shape $8.00
Avalon Hill Win, Place and Show, complete, and parts are like new $20.00
Avalon Hill Win, Place and Show, complete, and parts are like new, though black horse has no base and blue horse has no tail $15.00
Avalon Hill Baseball Strategy, SI Game, looks complete (actually seems to have more cards than the parts list), some cards unpunched, in EX condition $12.00
Avalon Hill Strategy Football, early 80s, in good shape, looks complete $8.00

TSR/SPI: Air War, Box EX-NM, contents NM/unpunched $40.00
TSR: Dungeon board game, content VG, missing 1 figure and 3 cards, box has some wear and a couple of split corners, reasonably nice $12.00
TSR: Dragon Strike, box EX, contents complete and in good shape  $18.00
TSR: Dragon Strike , box EX, Most contents in VG shape, missing 1 hero,1 hero is bent at legs, added a DW tresure chest. $14.00
TSR: Dragon Strike, box worn, misc parts, not complete, 2 videos, board, cards, bases and misc.  Only a few figures.  $8.00
TSR: Line in the Sand, box worn and taped, contents close to complete except for message pad (one can easily just use scratch paper instead).  The books and envelopes are a bit worn, the rest is in VG shape.  There is no way of verifying the correct number of counters, but most should be there.  $12.00

Star Wars: Electronic Galactic Space Battle, LIKE NEW, basically is electronic Star Wars Battleship, has voices and sound effects. VERY COOL. $15.00
Star Wars: Battle for Naboo board game, complete, EX $15.00

I am moving my terrain to a seperate page to show pictures too.  Terrain Page
1 plastic Building with Searchlight that actually lights up $5.00
a bunch 5-8 plastic pieces that I was using to make an Elf village $5.00 for all (you can see what they sort of look like in the terrain pictures above)
H.O. Scale Early American fishing villiage (this is a cardboard village in a book ready to be cut out and assembled. It has about 8-10 buildings and some boats, a lighthouse, etc. The book is a little stained with oil. It gives it a funny smell, but I don't think this would cause any problems with assembly. I think it would make good scenery for many miniatures games. $4.00
Miniature scale furnishings (See picture below, it is distorted a bit because I scanned them through the package.):  
17 Bedroom  $4.00 each
15 Misc.  $4.00 each
121 Kitchen  $3.00 each  ($25.00 for 10)
33 Bathroom $3.00 each  ($25.00 for 10)
69 miniature cast iron stoves, round, same scale as other furnishings $.40 each

Warhammer Armies 1991 hardback some edge wear, spine taped with string tape, contents VG, back pages uncut $15.00
Warhammer City, 1987 hardback, slight wear, map of Middenhiem still attached inside, but does have a fold on corner (May have 2 of these)  VG $25.00 each
Warhammer 5th Edition Rulebook and Battle Book, 2 Reference cards $12.00
Warhammer Magic 5th Edition, Complete, NM $12.00
Warhammer Tomb Kings Army Book, slight edge/corner wear, but reasonably nice $14.00
Warhammer: Battle for Maugthrond Pass book NM $4.00
Warhammer: Roster Sheet Pad, New $6.00
Lord of the Rings: LOTR, Pelenor Fields Rulebook $8.00
8 homemade 20mm movement bases, some quite long, made from venetian blind thingy so has gap/ridge between rows $3.00 for all

Epic 40K:
3 8706A Tyranid Dominatrix MISB $9.00 each

3 sets of 3 Warmaster bases on sprues $2.50

2 metal Empire archers, primed white, magnets on bases $6.00
1 Hellblaster volley gun, unprimed, except for inside of barrels for assembly, missing one of the tiny griffon bits $22.00
1 plastic great cannon, partly primed, part of carriage is a custom made wood bit (I wanted to make a cannon and mortar out of 1 sprue), 2 crew which are painted well $12.00
2 metal wizards mounted on plastic horses, 1 wizard with no horse $18.00 for all 3
5 custom made White Wolves, regular Empire armored horses, riders custom made from Mordheim sprues $16.00
Most of the Empire units are on magnetic bases with metal movement trays which are painted and flocked. These work very nice, though some of the magnets on the minis may need to be replaced with stronger ones if they fall over. 

2 Strigoi vampires on foot, metal, unprimed $12.00

1 8518G Skaven Assassins (2 minis) MISB $7.00
1 8518K Skaven Plague Monk Cmd (3 minis) MISB $7.00
1 8598J Skaven Warlord Queek Headtaker $7.00

1 dwarf plastic, painted OK $1.00
10 classic dwarf thunderers, large guns 3#1, 2#3, 2#5, 2#6, 1#9, half bare metal, half painted OK $38.00
8 1994 Marauder Iron breaker Dwarves, one of each of the eight in the 1994 catalog photo,  painted ok, no shields $35.00

1 Current Black Orc command MISB $9.00
1 Older version Snotling Pump Wagon MISB $20.00

1 loose OOP saurus temple guard $3.50
1 8585G OOP Saurus temple guard command $10.00
4 8585A OOP Saurus command $9.00 each
1 6th edition Saurus Temple Guard champion MISB $9.00

1 box of Bretonnian Questing Knight MISB $40.00
2 boxes of chaos marauder horsemen (10 total), new, but consolidated to one box $75.00
7 5th edition plastic beastmen with halberds (3 have weapons removed for conversion) $3.50

6 wood elf archer sprues (newest version I think) with enough parts for 8 elves, plus lots of extra bits $12.00
1 8502J Glade Rider Cmd MISB $7.00
1 8505A High Elf Command (3 minis) MISB $8.00
1 1991 high elf champion, bare metal $5.00? may be traded
3 8506D White Lions of Chrace (2 minis) MISB $6.00 each
1 6 plastic dark elves with swords, 5th edition single pose, primed $4.00
1 plastic dark elf, 5th edition crossbowmen I think, no weapon with base $.65
2 metal dark elf crossbowmen missing crosspieces $3.00
3 metal older dark elf cold one riders with lances, no shields or mounts $7.00
1 painted elf hero, with crossed arms, sword on back $6.00

Warhammer 40K:
Warhammer 40K Tyranid Codex 3rd. ed. $6.00

Space Marine Army:
1 Metal Terminator with assault cannon MISB 
1 Metal Terminator chaplain
1 Metal Terminator with PAxe
1 Metal Terminator captain with PAxe
1 Metal Terminator with CS
1 Metal Terminator with TH/SS, painted Blood Angels
1 Metal Terminator with TH/SS, primed black
1 NON GW bridgelayer, looks quite a bit like a rhino and has foldout bridge, sort of cool, green plastic
1 NON GW tank base with antenna
1 Metal dreadnaught with PF/AC, painted BA, missing engine, but I found a plastic toy bit to replace it which looks good
1 Metal Dreadnaughts with power fist and dual flamers, primed yellow
2 speeders, one with flamer, one with bolter, may have broken antennas, primed yellow, based are the regular kind not ball jointed
6 3rd Tactical Marines plastic, Blood Angels, 2 RL, 1FL
8 3rd Tactical Marines plastic, green, 2 with chainsword
17 2nd Tactical Marines plus 4 sargeants and 2 rocket launchers (2 broken banners, various paint schemes)
Chaplain with dragon backpack (the pieces didn't originally go together)
2 plastic and metal misc. marines
3 bare metal marine bodies with bases + 1 complete
1 bare metal marine captain with base, no hand on one side
1 bare metal devastor with no weapon, but with other arm.
Eversor Assassin painted well  traded?
Heavy weapons marines: 2 plastic rocket launchers
Heavy weapons marines: 5 w/ older metal bodies: 1 HB, 2 LC, 1 Plasma, 1 rocket
1 Bag of Marine bits
1 Bag of Vehicle bits, some more bits added
Several decal sheets
(I would prefer to trade it all at once for WFB minis/army, D&D 3.5 or LOTR stuff, but may consider it out.)

8065E Necron Immortal NISB $7.00
Cadian transfer sheet $2.00
6 white dice with scatter die in baggie, close to new $2.00
7 large plastic flying bases clear $3.50

36 plastic gretchin, unprimed $15.00
11 plastic orks, unprimed $6.00
16 plastic space marines, I think, from old boxed set with bolter, sword and no helmet, single pose $9.00
old 40K tables, charts, etc, from 1993 2nd edition box I think $3.00

6 various paint brushes, NEW or NM, Most (5 I think) are Citadel $12.00

Super Heroes:
2 old lead Superman minis, one standing, one flying, flying one broken from base, painted, but not great, could be stripped  $4.00

Battle Masters:  
Based for use in Warhammer:
8 plastic archers, unprimed with magnets on bases $6.00
41 plastic halberders, umprimed with magnets on bases $28.00
10 plastic Reiksguard knights on horseback, 2 have broken lances, 8 are unprimed, magnets on bases $20.00
8 plastic Knights Panther on horseback, 1 painted well, 7 unprimed, magnets on bases $20.00 ? may be traded
All of the Empire units are on magnetic bases with metal movement trays, painted and flocked. These work very nice, though some of the magnets on the minis may need to be replaced with stronger ones if they fall over.

several Battle Masters wolf riders, rider only,  some broken weapons $4.00
3 Battle Masters rulebook EX $4.00 each
3 Battle Masters play sheet/mat/board, EX $12.00 each
2 Battle Masters play sheet/mat/board, GD $9.00 each
2 Battle Masters sticker sheets, flags and shield deco. $3.00
2 Battle Masters sticker sheets, flags and shields deco. - 3 flags $2.00
1 Battle Masters sticker sheet, for bases $1.00
1 Battle Masters counter sheet, unpunched, LARGE $3.00
3 Battle Masters plastic towers in 5 parts $6.00 each
49 Battle Masters beastmen, no bases $25.00
90 Battle Masters Orcs no bases $20.00
3 Battle Masters Ogres, no bases $5.00 each
30 Battle Masters Goblins, no bases $10.00
49 Battle Masters Chaos Warriors, no bases $25.00? may be traded
37 Battle Masters Empire Reiksguard knights w/ horses, no bases, 4 bent lances $50.00
40 Battle Masters Empire archers, no bases $20.00
20 Battle Masters Empire crossbowmen, no bases $15.00
I have lots of other Battle Masters bases, flags, etc. if anyone needs those. I would throw Battle Masters bases in with figure purchases for no extra charge except for shipping, because they are quite heavy.

Star Wars miniatures, Revenge of the Sith boxed set, complete, close to new $18.00

Mage Knight Great Fire Dragon (new) $18.00
Mage Knight Kossak Deathbrigher New $18.00
Mage Knight Possessed Draconum $18.00
Mage Knight Revenant Draconum EX-NM $12.00
Mage Knight Councellor Laurell New $18.00
Mage Knight Rock Minion EX $17.00
Mage Knight Book of Lightning card New $8.00
Mage Knight Elizabeth the Pure New $5.00
Mage Knight Orc Captain (mounted) $7.00
Mage Knight 2 x Nightmare Reapers (mounted) $5.00 each

Mage Knight Troll Chieftain $4.00
Mage Knight Commander Townley New $4.00
Mage Knight Queen Corella $3.50
Mage Knight Paladin Prince $3.50
Mage Knight Fighting Automaton $3.50
Mage Knight Seeker Azruk $3.50
Mage Knight Magus $3.50
Mage Knight Dwarven Ram (mounted) $3.50

Mage Knight Shaman Og New $2.00
Mage Knight Rivvenguard Archer New $2.00
Mage Knight Troll Knight New $2.50
Mage Knight Sentry Golem New $2.00
Mage Knight Warrior Sprite $2.00
Mage Knight Soaring Crossbowman (mounted) $2.00
Mage Knight Wyrmfire Staff card NEW $2.00
Mage Knight Amazon Warrior $2.00
Mage Knight Amethyst Knight $2.00
Mage Knight Quo Droma $2.00
Mage Knight Marauder Gishler $2.00
Mage Knight Skeleton Red $2.00
Mage Knight 2 x Skeleton Yellow $2.00 each
Mage Knight Kimble Garn $2.00
Mage Knight Acid Ooze $2.50
Mage Knight Mummy $2.00
Mage Knight Dwarven Fuser red $2.00
Mage Knight Coral $2.00

Mage Knight General Russo NEW $1.50
Mage Knight Gora Stormblade New $1.50
Mage Knight Ankhar Butcher (mounted) $1.50
Mage Knight Cave Butcher (mounted) $1.50
Mage Knight Technomancer $1.50
Mage Knight Scorpion Gunner $1.50
Mage Knight En-Zar $1.50
Mage Knight x2 Lord Oren $1.50 each
Mage Knight Daren Brakensword $1.25
Mage Knight Desert Bloodstalker $1.50
Mage Knight Chiro (mage of some kind) $1.50
Mage Knight Quara Deathblade $1.50
Mage Knight Locksmith Karg $1.50
Mage Knight Jadreen $1.50
Mage Knight Mountain Pass (D-017) card $1.50

Mage Knight Animated Mud $.75
Mage Knight Clouded Mind Card $.75
Mage Knight Dwarven Bombard EX-NM $.75
Mage Knight Canvas Pavilion card 3/3 New $.75
Mage Knight Morass $.75
(I would make someone a deal on the entire Mage Knight lot)

Dark World:
1 Complete Set of DW miniatures, 1 ghost (missing hands and face), 4 ogres, 8 orcs (4 have some paint residue), 
  4 skeletons (pianted EX), 2 mummies (with paint res), 1 sorcerer (paint residue), 
  1 manticore (paint residue, tail tip broken but included), 4 heroes (dwarf painted)  $20.00 for the set
1 Dark World Ghost (missing hands and face) $.50
1 Dark World Ogre with stand and a bit of paint residue $1.25
1 Dark World Mummy $1.00
2 Dark World Heroes $.75 each
($22.00 for all the Dark World stuff)

Heroquest main game, complete, some tape on box, most contents NEW, unpunched/still on sprue  $40.00
Heroquest main game, box worn, split box corner, missing rulebook $25.00
Heroquest main game, box worn, some minis painted, missing one table support, orc orc damaged, with extra doors and broken orc $25.00
Heroquest: Barbarian Quest Pack: box has slight wear but is VG-EX, figures missing (except for female barbarian which has paint residue and has been reglued at ankles), missing (1x8 river/slide tile, and 2x3 slippery ice tile), book cover split at spine and loose, other parts EX $40.00
Heroguest main game box and accessories, no minis.  Looks close to complete except for the minis $8.00
1 HQ barbarian, sword slightly stressed $1.50
1 HQ barbarian $2
3 HQ dwarves $1.50 each
1 HQ wizard $2.00
5 HQ mummies $1.00 each
12 HQ skeletons $1.00 each
3 HQ zombies $1.00 each
3 HQ fimir $3.00 each
6 HQ goblins $.75 each
4 HQ chaos warriors $1.25 each
1 HQ elf with some paint residue $1.25
1 HQt 2/3 of a pad of character sheets $3.00
1 HQ gray orc with knife, not sure which set it was from $3.00
4 HQ Orcs, primed in grey $3.00
9 HQ Orc $1.00 each
2 Heroquest Orcs with broken weapons $1.00
Witch Lord box EX $2.00
1 booktable, 1 alchemy table, 3 regular tables, 1 rack $1.25 each

AD&D & Misc. Miniatures (Ral Partha, Grendier, etc. mostly pewter)
AD&D Deathnell poster, nice condition, shows the complete Aberrations line of minis in color $4.00 each

AD&D Miniatures plastic minis:
Wemic Barbarian
Steel Predator
Death Slaad (new, but no card)
Yan Ti Abomination
2 x Stirges
Flameskull (no card)
Bluespawn Stonehead?
Frost Giant Jarl (New with card)
Chaos Beast (New with card)

Elf Warrior
Carrion Tribe Barbarian
Dwarf Mercenary
Halfling Sneak
2 Dwarf Raiders
Dekanter Goblin
Dwarf Caver
Wild Elf Raider
Xeph Warrior
Gnome Fighter
Elf Spearguard
Snig the Axe
28/80 weretiger
2/60 Arcanix Guard
4/60 dwarf wizard
5/60 combat medic
29/60 wood elf ranger
26/60 wood elf ranger
58/60 tiefling blademaster
Some are still individually packaged.  They should all have their 
cards.  $???
AD&D Young Black Dragon A&DB10, like the Dragoneye one but from the boxed set, card is punched from a page of cards $30.00

4 AD&D counter sheets for miniatures game $1.00 each 

1 Ral Partha Silver and Steel I - just the Succubus miniature primed white, body base-coated blue, nice condition, $6.00
1 Ral Partha 01-409 Cineroc - Paladin, mounted and on foot MISB $7.00
1 Ral Partha 01-602 Orc King, blister has worn edges MISB $4.00
1 Ral Partha 01-609 Sun God MISB $7.00
1 Ral Partha 02-503? Choas Mounted Knights (2 knights w/ horses, 4 pcs) blister worn but sealed MISB $6.00
1 Ral Partha AD&D 11-453 Cyclops Kin (3), blister packaging is pretty beat up but is still sealed MISB $9.00
1 Ral Partha AD&D 11-616 Jemonille? very faded print, looks like evil clown thing MISB $4.00
1 Ral Partha 11-857 Horde Heavy Cavalry (3 mounted samurai (6 pcs), some pack wear MISB $8.00

1 Reaper Daimyo mini 07020 Red Ninja MISB $3.00
1 Ral Partha Imports 61-106 The Red Assassin (ninja?) MISB $4.00
1 Ral Partha Imports 61-113 Eric Longblade MISB $4.00

1 Reaper Bast Statue, loose, unprimed $5.00
1 Reaper Anubis Statue, loose, unprimed $5.00
1 Reaper Daimyo 04015 Kazoku MISB $3.50
1 Curse of the Azure Bonds Dragonbait miniature, primed $7.00
1 lead wizard $1.50
1 lead larger wizard casting $2.00
1 lead roman woman $1.50
1 lead thief $1.50
1 lead elf with 2 daggers $1.50
5 metal/lead misc. fighters/knights $1.75 each
1 Grenadier Dragon Lords, Blue Dragon II, MISB $40.00
1 Grenadier Julie Guthrie, Chaos War Dragon, MISB $30.00
1 War Machine? vehicle, car with metal wheel, resin body, has wolfman driver and other figure, gun, chipped over front left fender, primed gray $10.00
1 misc. metal orc, painted OK $1.50
1 hunched figure with mace and sword, older lead $1.00
1 plastic Bulette toy $2.00

2 molds for candles or plaster for making a 1.5" x 1.5" x 4" asian pagoda and a 4" tall statue of a bald asian man with flowers.  These are from the 1980s, but are still in reasonably good shape.  I thought they might be useful to someone who builds a lot of terrain.  I did a test cast for each and could take a picture, but I didn't have a good support structure and I think the castings warped a bit more than they should have.  $3.00 for both molds.
1 Playdoh type rigid plastic mold for making a lobster.  I have used it with plaster and it works OK, though the claws tend to break coming out of the mold.  Casting will work fine for stone sculpture/relief for terrain building $1.00
1 Playdoh type rigid plastic mold for making a chicken.  Casting will work fine for stone sculpture/relief for terrain building  $1.00

2 Weapons and Warriors horses, 1 knight, 2-3 extra horses and 28 halberders, 20 cannon balls, 2 dice $6.00
Jurassic Park Game plastic minis: 9 raptors, 7 dilophosaurus, 1 T-rex (would be a juvenille on 25mm scale) $6.00
Misc. : 1 giant fly, 2 misc. weird creatures (could be demons, elementals or magical beings of some sort) $3.00
Winged lion plastic toy $1.00
1 Metal cannons (with pencil sharpener), slightly larger than 32mm scale, but sort of cool $2.00 each
57 plastic soldiers 22mm or so. Look like 18th or 19th century European. Have tall hats that have a wider top than bottom. Probably Napoleonic era Russians. Soldiers have muskets and bayonets. $3.00
8 plastic WWII soldiers, some painted, a couple missing limbs $2.00
1 Paper civil war American Flag, tiny for miniatures $1.50

Lot of IMEX plastic Civil War figures 25mm #602 cavalry 11 union, 11 conf., 21 confederate troops and flag from #506, 23 union troops from #505 $12.00

I do have extra parts for Dark World, Dragon Strike and Battle Masters, like dice, flags, counters. Let me know what you need and I can make you a deal or perhaps throw them in with another purchase.


Prima Strategy guide for Mechwarrior II EX $2.00

Final Fantasy (original first version) no box or instructions, in plastic case, battery works fine, playtested completely through $15.00
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, cartridge only NES $7.00
Silent Service, sub simulator, cartridge only NES $5.00
Crystalis, cartridge only, needs battery NES $4.00

Mattel Electronics Basketball VG, sticker warped, somewhat dirty, switch is flaky, but works $7.00
Radio Shack Turbo game with box and batteries $2.00

Card Games:
Star Munckin game complete, with box and instr., a couple of card may have some wear, but most are excellent $15.00
Killer Bunnies promo card, No Supe for You, new in package $3.00
The Crazy Marine Game:  more a puzzle than a game, has 9 thick cardstock pieces that need to be arranged in a certain pattern, box worn $2.00
Mattel Monday Night Football card game MISB $10.00
UNO card game, EX-NM complete with instr. $4.00
Dutch Blitz card game, appears new $6.00
Krill, a whale of a game cardgame, new, cards still in shrink but box open $5.00
Dallas TV show card game: 1980 complete, half of the cards still shrinkwrapped, box worn with instr. $9.00
PIT MISB version comes with bell $6.00

1 Yu Gi Oh Movie promo card, still in unopened foil pack.
1 Dragon Booster promo card, still in unopened cello pack.

XMEN starter game + nine cards, includes special card still in plastic though curved a bit, some cards worn a bit, with poster rules and dice, missing counters $4.00
Spellfire Starter Set (2 decks, plus 1 booster) NM $4.00

WOTC Star Wars:
Starter deck set box (30DS 30LS cards which are sealed) with everything New except dice which are missing, also contains one extra Light Side starter deck with ~50 cards, include 3 foils at least: Anakin, Darth Tyranus, Padme $10.00

Magic the Gathering Official Encyclopedia, Some edge wear, contents EX $12.00
750 Count box with about 700 commons, lands and uncommons, most from quite old expansions.  Box is actually 1996 Magic the Gathering printed box.  Also includes Ravenica Death Creep deck. $15.00

42 Dragonballz? cards, worn, Free with other purchase of over $10.00
1 Lord of the Rings card ???

OLD Scrye magazine EX-NM $1.00
2 Pokemon playmat/posters from Toys R Us New $5.00 

2 Dragon Dice redish, 1 large, 1 small $1.00

1) Payment is in $US money order, Paypal.
2) Buyer pays postage