Terrain for Sale

Desert Temple: $30.00

Jungle Temple: $30.00

Canyons and Mesas: Misc. foam terrain for making a canyons and/or mesa setup. These are large, but very light, so shipping would hopefully not be too high. $20.00

Elven Village: A couple of towers and buildings for making an elven village. Also extra plastic pieces for making more Elven buildings $20.00

Misc. 40K terrain, as shown $8.00

Misc. Fantasy terrain, as shown $20.00

Infested Building, $30.00 Picture coming soon

Tower with Insides, $40.00 Picture coming soon

Cardboard 3"x4" fold up church. $2.00 Misc. small terrain, 2 boulders, 3 chests (large), 1 small fence and 1 sign $2.00
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